"My dad started this company over 50 years ago–he had one truck and he was the only driver."

Rick Roehl
President and
Chief Operating Officer
"Rick also drove for the company pulling both flatbed and van trailers. In fact, he still pulls a load a few times a year."

Everett Roehl
Chairman and Chief
Executive Officer

As drivers, we value Driver Success. That's why it's on our Wall of Values. Driver Success is a Roehl company value. Of course, we want all of our employees to be successful, yet we also recognize that driving provides challenges beyond a typical job because of the rigors of the road and separation from family and friends. We want to help drivers and all employees meet their professional and personal goals through a rewarding truck driving career at Roehl. Take home more–Be home more are certainly a part of ensuring our drivers are successful, but it's also much more than that. We must have empathy born of recognition of the challenges drivers face. Everyone–both drivers and support staff–plays a role in driver success.

Drivers–ensure success by working to standard and using their tools and resources to full effect.

Support staff–ensure success by providing responsiveness, care and solutions grounded in empathy and understanding of the driver's job.

Roehl offers drivers multiple pay options, industry-leading home time choices, a variety of load types and award winning safety programs. Learn more about current truck driving jobs and Experience the Power of Red first hand on Roehl.jobs or call 800-GoRoehl.